Monday, 20 August 2007


It shook the ground,
My head span round
As the toaster fell on the floor.
The oven blew,
The toaster flew
All the way out the door!
The lamps fell,
So did the bell
That hung near my loo!
The deodorant sprayed,
The dragon slayed
‘Coz the knight had caught the flu!
The dog yelped,
The cat helped
And they did it both together.
The fridge fell down,
And squirted the clown
That wasn’t feeling any better!
I moved away,
Nothing to say
And a headache that grew with time.
The cops came in,
And shot the dustbin
That was trying to commit a crime.
They picked me up,
And gave me my cup
That had hit them with a broom.
But what did I miss
That caused all this
With just one big Boom!

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