Thursday, 22 May 2008

The After-party

It's around 12 in the morning between the 21st and 22nd May, 2008.

I got home about half an hour ago (which should explain the title) and this felt like it needed to be written. I hope this sends out the right message to everyone reading.

Thanks for being here and taking time to go through my blog, it means a lot.

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The After-party

I see this girl,

Her skin is marred

By spots and stripes,

And if you join them

They make symbols of love

Across her face.

Everything she sees

And everything she touches

Creates waves through her universe

That rebound off walls

And end up deep inside your soul

Only to resonate.

She finds power in anxiety,

Which is a proliferation to a mood

That cannot be broken

But instead multiplies

To astound the world,

Leaving nothing and no one at rest.

Just feeling this movement

That goes on inside her

Inspires dizziness in euphoria

That you cannot let go of because

It shakes you up and says,

“This is art. This is beauty. This is truth.

And it is lost.”



  1. But the CL is won!!1 w00t!!!1

    nice poem though. killer imagery.

  2. I like your choice of words.
    : )

  3. You wrote this after the Champions Leage Final??
    What a match it was! And what a nice piece this is!
    I love it! I have always wanted to express everything the way you just have! =)