Thursday, 20 October 2011

As of October 2011

A small update on my life:
I'm now on my own again, a free bird, and an even better freelance writer than before. Yes, it's possible.

My time as the Editor for an online magazine was quite exciting, actually, and it's a shame I had to quit, but we all have to move on at some point right?

Anyway, the point here is I had been updating a story every week on the Emaho Magazine website.
It was pretty much my baby, and I'm quite pleased with some of it. I do wish I had more time to work on it and make the story really go somewhere, but I guess I'll just have to write a better story instead!

Please, if you have time, go through the few chapters I've written that are up on the site.
All of the chapters, including the Prologue, have been written by me; ignore the incorrect author tag.

Here's the link:

Thanks a lot, and if you've got some extra time, I've also been doing a bunch of interviews, so don't miss those either.
Contact me here if you like the work :) Feedback is always appreciated.



  1. Thank you :) and sorry for the late reply, I've just been busy writing!