Monday, 6 February 2012

The Sound Of.

I saw him laugh heartily, at his own joke of course. He cracks a lot of jokes, I can tell. He's such a funny guy.
He picked up his guitar right after, stepped to the mic, made an announcement and then started singing what seemed to be the best song in the world. The room began to vibrate from the sounds and the equally strong response from the crowd. As my smile grew wider, my heart began to race with the thumping of the bass drum. I blushed, and clapped.
The next morning was just perfect. Like heaven - waking up to his smiling face in some distant beach-y place. He took me out for coffee, beer and breakfast. I had the coffee, and watched his many changing expressions, the only response of his that I can so clearly understand and empathise with at every moment.
However ridiculous it is, I can't imagine being with someone else. I know what you're thinking and honestly, I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind. I wonder, sometimes, what he says when people ask him, "So you're a brilliant and successful musician in love with a deaf girl. Wow, man, what's that like?"

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  1. Sweet. And thanks for sharing the source of the thought for this story.